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Partner with Us

From a mobile app for a coffee loyalty programme to a mobile site for parents of deaf and hard of hearing children to learn Irish Sign Language, and a social media and online video campaign to promote The Voice of Ireland, these are just some of the digital projects that have been developed through our Industry Partner Programme.

It’s a great win-win: our participants gain valuable real world digital experience, while industry partners benefit from:

  • Getting your next digital innovation developed
  • Auditioning talent for your company
  • Multidisciplinary team of emerging digital professionals develop your project
  • Benefit from experience of Industry Mentors overseeing project
  • IP and profits remain with industry partner

If your company is selected for the industry partner programme, then we will assign you a multidisciplinary team with a wide range of skills including mobile and web app developers, front end / UX designer, video / content developers, digital marketeers and digital project managers. We will also assign an Industry Mentor to guide your team. Over a period of one year, your team will be focused on delivering your project, meeting specific deadlines and milestones.

Who has partnered with us?

Ireland’s leading companies and organisations have partnered with the WebElevate programme, ranging from start-ups, to multi-national companies, SMEs and not-for profit organisations, including;